Are you looking for laptops for sale in Nairobi,Kenya?

Welcome to our shop,we are located at Citi Gate Mall along Moi Avenue.

Below is a list of available laptops currently in our shop.We have apple,HP,Dell,Toshiba and Lenovo.

We have included the laptop prices too against each specification.

For quicker assistance,reach us on 0784-788-540


iPad Air 1 32gb WiFi only @21,000

MacBook Air 2015 Corei5 8gb/256gb SSD/ 13.3” @56,000

MacBook Air 2017 Corei5 8gb/256gb SSD/ 13.3” @58,000

MacBook Air 2015 Corei7 8gb/256gb SSD/ 13.3” @65,000


HP ElitePad 1000G2 windows tablet 4gb/64 @18,000

HP SpeCtre Pro X360G2 Corei7 6th gen 8gb/512gb ssd touch @65,000

HP EliteBook 830G6 X360 Ci5 8th gen 16gb/256 touch @55,000

HP Elitebook 430 G5 Corei5 8th gen 8gb/256gb ssd @38,000

HP Chromebook 12 x360 4gb/64GB ssd touch @28,000

HP EliteBook 8460p Corei5 4gb/500 @ 20,000

HP EliteBook 8470p Corei7 4gb/500 @24,000

HP Pro x2 612 G1 Detachable Corei5 8gb/256gb ssd @28,000

HP Elitebook 820 G2 Corei5 5th gen 4gb/500 @24,000

HP EliteBook 725G3 AMD A8 8gb/500 12.5” @ 27,500

HP EliteBook 745G3 AMD A10 8th gen 8gb/256gb ssd 14” @28,000

HP Elitebook Revolve 810G3 5th gen Corei5 8gb/256gb ssd @25,000

HP Elitebook Revolve 810G3 5th gen Corei7 8gb/128gb ssd @31,000

HP EliteBook Folio Corei7 8gb/ 1TB hdd @34,000

HP ProBook 650 G1 Corei7 4gb/500gb hdd 15.6” @32,000

HP 840G2 Corei5 4gb/500 @29,000

HP 840G2 Corei5 4gb/500 Touchscreen @30,000

HP 840G2 Corei7 4gb/500 Touchscreen @32,000

HP Elitebook 840G3 Corei5 6th gen 8gb/256gb ssd @32,000

HP Elitebook 840G3 Corei7 6th gen Touchscreen 8gb/256gb ssd @ 35,000

HP ProBook 450 G3 Ci5 6th gen 4gb/500 15.6” @32,000


Dell Latitude e7240 Corei5 4gb/256 @ 26,500

Dell Latitude e7240 Corei7 4gb/256 @ 29,500


Lenovo T440s Corei7 8gb/500 @32,000

Lenovo x260 Corei5 6th gen 8gb ram/ 500 @32,000


Toshiba DynaBook B65 Corei7 5th gen 4gb/500 15.6” @32,500